BLANKE AQUA-SHIELD is a waterproofing membrane that can be applied with thinset to most surfaces that are dry, flat and structurally sound. BLANKE AQUA-SHIELD provides a vapor barrier that makes it ideal for steam rooms. The high tensile strength of BLANKE AQUA-SHIELD ensures long lasting protection from moisture penetration in continuous wet areas such as shower stalls and bathrooms. In addition to waterproofing, BLANKE AQUA-SHIELD’s German-engineered blend of fibers also provides exceptional resistance to mold build-up; break-down from strong chemicals; and UV destabilization. A wide range of convenient accessories is available such as BLANKE AQUA DB for taping movement joints; BLANKE AQUA SA, a self-adhesive tape for quick and convenient taping of seams; and preformed corners.


Your advantages

  • Excellent waterproofing fabric for sealing substrates under ceramic tile and stone, backed up by a long history of success
  • No waiting to install tile
  • Consistent and reliable waterproofing of seams
  • Thickness of fabric always constant
  • Crack isolation and uncoupling properties

Expert´s tip

For fast, efficient gluing, use the universal waterproofing adhesive BLANKE AQUA-SEAL and BLANKE AQUA-SEAL EZA.