craftsmanship for 65 years

After more than 65 successful years in the industry, Blanke continues to thrive and develop ambitious goals for the future of tile setting.

Over our many years in business, the advantages that Blanke offers to its customers are diverse and exciting with a strong foundation of sophisticated products that are constantly evolving to meet market demands. Blanke continuously develops tiling systems and new solutions tailored to customer needs. This is made possible thanks to the marketing structure of Blanke which is built entirely on proximity to customers and markets.

Today, customers and partners in more than 80 countries benefit from the personal touch of a family-owned company in combination with the power of innovation and the ideas of highly motivated employees from all departments at Blanke. The passion for our work gives us the passion for every single job, which is one of the many reasons our customers can feel the quality.


Powered by Innovation

To successfully and sustainably operate and compete in an ever-changing market, a company needs to provide products that are not only high-quality, but also innovative. This is a driving force behind Blanke's strong focus on technical development. Balance is key, with technical development of innovative and revolutionary products on one hand, and development of practical and comprehensive systems solutions on the other hand.

Our strategy: Global expertise

Years ago, Blanke made the strategic decision to orientate itself towards the international business in a persistent way. Thanks to this, Blanke GmBH & Co. has become present in more than 80 countries all over the world.

Following this strategy and thanks to Blanke Corporation, our subsidiary in Atlanta/USA, Blanke can take any opportunity to recognize potential shares of the market at an early stage and to take advantage of the resulting chances and synergies for the benefit of our customers.